Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hard Week

So first off, I want to apologize for not posting before today's class, its been one hell of a week. I came in on Tuesday hoping to start my prototype only to hang out for the entire day not having anyone around to teach me how to use some of the equipment. Thus, I ended up working on my research project for Nicolas instead. I was able to flag Nate down (thanks again Nate!) to cut a few pieces of Aluminum, and picked up all the necessary supplies to construct my prototype with the exception of the pressure sensor, which is taking FOREVER to get here! Thus, I'm in a static state waiting for things to progress.

The one thing I was able to check out was utilizing the function in SuperCollider to collect more low-frequency (below hearing threshold) information from the tines, which is really useful. I am still working with getting the input signal well-conditioned but its coming along nicely. Perhaps with the addition of the pressure sensor, it will be formidable to sense all the amplitude and frequency information coming in from the tines.

Lastly, I found another work online that uses "Rulers" as an instrument. First thought... dammit. Second thought, wow there version is really limitted! No sliding capability, and the dynamics (at least from the recording) seem very muted and not very interesting. The use of an infrared sensor is interesting, but I am definitely thinking that with the use of a contact mic and pressure sensor, more useful information could come of the interface, and I'm not just saying that because of my slight disapointment that this instrument has been "done." Frankly, I'm not suprised by this. My design will also be much more discrete, without the likes of elaborate (and honestly cheesy) drawings on it, and I will be incorporating longer tines that will have longer dampening time and will generate lower frequencies. Lastly I am looking at it as more of a control surface to amplify my ideas of transformation in aural and visual gesture rather than an instrument in the traditional sense.

Check out the "Rulers" here:

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