Sunday, March 14, 2010

Possible Interface

I have been developing multi-touch patches between OSCimote and SC over the past few weeks and playing with how they could potentially be used in my compositions. I pre-ordered an iPad and funds depending am hoping I may be able to use this device with the patches I have developed to interact with my streams of radio in real-time.

The current interface idea is the touchpad (iPad, though I want to stay away from this being simply a gimmick that defaces the meaning behind the piece), a 4-channel mixer running four separate radios (ideally tuned by a digital line to SC using an arduino), which are being routed through two delay lines and stores in buffers, allowing each radio to have 3 separate feeds, namely one in real-time, one from 5 minutes earlier, and one from 10 minutes earlier. This would allow more flexibility on my part with material.

Missing post

Just realized that I tried last week to get a post up that had a sample of my prototype that never made it on the blog. For some reason e-blogger only accepts pictures and video...annoying. Update none-the-less. So I was able to get some great feedback on my prototype including some constructive thoughts on how the structure and sound of the mixes should feel and how I could potentially exhibit my work in a gallery setting. It was mentioned on headphones but my preference would be on a speaker setup. We'll see as the show comes nearer and I get a better feel for how others would like to present. Over the next two weeks, I will be working out the kinks of interfacing and writing as much of the software necessary in SuperCollider to support my piece, allowing me to run as many 9-10 minute mixes as possible over the course of next quarter and fine tune a few select compositions based on the time and material experimented with that can be ready for the gallery. In essence, from the start of next quarter, it will be a matter of iterating and getting feedback weekly to get the best possible sound and experience out of the show.