Friday, April 30, 2010

The last couple days have been insane and I still haven't had a chance to run another performance with the updates to my synths, but there will be one for sure tomorrow!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Recording (ROUGH!)

So I was able to get my first recording done, which was very rough. It is currently still missing a portion of the second movement due to a synthdef that is still not functioning. This was a great experience as it showed me currently what I need to fine tune to get a better functioning system. Currently the following still needs to be addressed:

My top priorities for this week are as follows:

- Complete second movement "Freeze" synth

- Implement balance, randomness, and lag where needed

- Remove filter pops

Listen to the first version here

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Updated Interface

So here is the most recent interface for the pad:

I combined the faders into a single bank, which will be controlling resonant filters for each radio, allowing me to better control the amount of random behavior behind each radio's raw content in RT. The knobs will be associated with the q-value of each of these resonant filters. The 2D pads are still controlling the freeze movement introduced at around 3-4 minutes into the piece. Lastly, the buttons are for selecting which delay line is currently active.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My timeline for the remainder of development of the project is as following:

Thesis Timeline
4/7 Have hardware set up and begin testing synthdefs within the context of the final hardware setup
4/14Have a first iteration of a performance done on the new hardware setup (however rough) for review
4/21 Iterate on the performance and work on complexity and amount of automation in the performance vs. live control
4/28 Create multiple iterations of the performance at various times (late night, afternoon, early morning) to get a feel of how much this varies the performance)
5/5 MT Review: Demo as many of my iterations as possible and get a solid review on what works/ what doesn't
5/12 Finalize Reel of various versions of the performance and documentation for the exhibition portion of the piece
5/19 Final reel and readied performance due
5/28 BFA Install
6/4Finish Documentation

New Developements

After much thought, I have stripped two of the radios and simplified to two radios, each having four streams: namely live, 1:25 behind, 2:50 behind, and 5 minutes behind. Between these, two streams will be devoted to each of the four channels on my mixer as such:

Channel 1: Addition of live and 2:50 delay (each being on its own separate touchOSC fader and toggle) for radio 1
Channel 2: Addition of 1:25 and 5:00 delay (each being on its own separate touchOSC fader and toggle) for radio 1
Channel 3: Addition of live and 2:50 delay (each being on its own separate touchOSC fader and toggle) for radio 2
Channel 4: Addition of 1:25 and 5:00 delay (e
ach being on its own separate touchOSC fader and toggle) for radio 2

I have set up my final hardware design, which now is using touchOSC (as opposed to OSCemote). This is because after picking up the iPad, touchOSC has updated there app to support this device
and it is extremely easy to set up and beautifully done. OSCemote's multi-touch was too hard to manipulate in that it caused me to place prior mapped values before editing a new value (i.e. putting down the 3 initial fingers on the multi-touch before editing the 4th touch for example).

Below is pictures of my basic hardware layout for the performance (the picture is missing the 2nd channel radio and I won't have the second monitor) and the interface I designed on the iPad.