Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My timeline for the remainder of development of the project is as following:

Thesis Timeline
4/7 Have hardware set up and begin testing synthdefs within the context of the final hardware setup
4/14Have a first iteration of a performance done on the new hardware setup (however rough) for review
4/21 Iterate on the performance and work on complexity and amount of automation in the performance vs. live control
4/28 Create multiple iterations of the performance at various times (late night, afternoon, early morning) to get a feel of how much this varies the performance)
5/5 MT Review: Demo as many of my iterations as possible and get a solid review on what works/ what doesn't
5/12 Finalize Reel of various versions of the performance and documentation for the exhibition portion of the piece
5/19 Final reel and readied performance due
5/28 BFA Install
6/4Finish Documentation

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