Sunday, May 2, 2010

At Long Last!

So I was able to update my interface, get my final basic movement functioning, and get an additional recording done this weekend after much work and debugging.

Updates include:

- Removed the second xy pad on the touchOSC side to allow for more room on the resonator banks and more room for the first xy pad (I originally thought I was going to utilize both pads but now realize as this is connected to the second movement which controls parameters that combine both radios, so only one is necessary).

- Removed pops from the resonating banks when the RQ rolled over

- First iteration of the "frozen grain" effect completed (the third movement that I have been working on for a while now)

- Experimented with the whole FM frequency band and the FM band alone. See how this affects the sound. I feel I was relying too much on static in the first iteration so by adding this limitation, I was forced to use more recognizable bands (hence the awesome and surprise ending).

- Added more lag parameters to allow for ramping to occur without the need of additional limbs and fingers on multiple knobs for long smooth gestures

Still Needed:

- Resonating banks sound too much like bad slot machines or video games. I am going to work on a new design where I have more control over specific bands that fade in and out at semi-stochastic center frequencies rather than rolling them all at once in the Shepard Tone fashion.

- Add more stochastic and random processes to the piece. The general final global design of the piece is to give the illusion that the content is going from chaotic to controlled (from more recognizable radio to more abstract content) and the control parameters from controlled to chaotic (frequencies becoming more honed and the amount of my involvement in shaping the sound is more evident to the audience).

- Add fade-in fade-out to the delay lines. Cut is really obvious in the middle of the piece where a delay line is killed.

Go here to hear the latest version.

Finally, a snapshot of my new touch design:

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